Trends, Tweets & Riots


Communicators are challenged daily to not only create buzz, but to understand, follow and keep up with it as well.

If monitored closely, a client could quickly position themselves as experts by jumping in on the latest hot topic. Conversely, they could find themselves pulled into a crisis simply by being in a related industry.

Either way, it underscores the importance of monitoring the latest hot topics and trends through the web. One such tool is Google Trends. Though it’s a great service, this tool only provides results based on topics people are “searching” for online. In other words, they heard the story somewhere else and have “Googled” it to find out more information.

Other technologies are now emerging that take this monitoring a step further. OneRiot has launched a service offering real-time viewing of hot web topics by scanning Twitter and Digg. And not only does it crawl updates, but it also scans the pages behind the links. This approach allows you to keep up with actual conversations and topics as they are being discussed.

Twitter has announced they will soon be expanding their own services to provide a similar function.

To learn more, click the link below for an article posted on TechCrunch.

Click here for OneRiot article on TechCrunch


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