What are you watching?

watching eyes

A recent study revealed that the average person spends almost 8 1/2 hours a day looking at some type of screen.  Surprisingly, according to this survey, television is the most watched screen still outdistancing computers by almost 2 hours per day.  The Nielsen Company paid for the $3.5 million study which was conducted by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design.  350 subjects (age 18-65) were studied for 952 days.

Formats included in the “screen” breakdown included television, dvr/tivo, dvd players, console games, web, email, instant messaging, software, computer video, mobile talk/text, mobile web/games, mobile video, environmental video, in-cinema movies and GPS navigation.

To read more of the study and review the statistics please follow the links below.

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Click here to read more about the Center for Media Design at Ball State University

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