How important is your URL?

blog qr
I recently had the pleasure of hearing Jonathan Richman speak at a social media conference in New York.  His observations and comments were refreshing and thought provoking.  Below is a link to an article he wrote for imedia connection on how the level of importance of your URL may not be quite as high as it use to be.  WIth the world’s continued fascination with Twitter and its 140 character limit, things like tiny url links and word searches have continued to become more popular than simply typing in your site address.  Which begs the question, “Is it more important to invest in the actual site name or the stream of consciousness that will drive you to search for the site instead?”

Other technologies are also starting to pop up like the QR image included above which reacts much like a UPC code reader.  The QR actually allows you to snap a picture of the image with your phone and, by using the appropriate application, immediately connect to a website.

Click here to read the article.

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