Survey Says Social Media Pays

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A recent survey conducted by the website network group Wetpaint along with Altimeter Group claims that companies with the highest levels of social media activity in the past 12 months averaged an 18% increase in revenue while those less engaged saw a 6% decline over the same period.

While it is fascinating to want to believe that social media is having that type of monetary effect in the market, one does have to pause and notice that the top 10 brand scores were for 1- Starbucks, 2- Dell, 3- eBay, 4- Google, 5- Microsoft, 6- Thomas Reuters, 7- Nike, 8- Amazon, 9- SAP and 10- Tie Yahoo/Intel – all of which either have other major marketing initiatives driving traffic to social media outlets or are directly linked to news, online sales/services and search engines. Begs the question – “Does social media spark conversation and inquiry or does inquiry and conversation spark a search through social media?” Either way it does underscore the importance of consistently connecting all of your marketing initiatives – including as many social media outlets as possible.

To evaluate how well your company is capitalizing on social media visit www. and take their five question survey.

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