Public Relations Redefined

Soon the Public Relations Society of America will redefine the definition of public relations, incorporating social media. Currently, the definition is, “Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other,” which many agree is vague.

A New York Times article outlines the importance of developing a better definition of “public relations” and underlines strategies behind creating the new definition. Redefining PR will help other industries better understand what public relations professionals do for a living.

According to a section of PRSA’s website, there was an unprecedented response and interest in its “Public Relations Defined” initiative during the initial public submission phase.

So much so that PRSA’s Definition of Public Relations Task Force is taking additional time to examine the collected data. PRSA’s 12 global partners  have also been given more time to offer feedback.

Three candidate definitions will be displayed in early- to mid-January on PRSA’s website for the public to vote for their favorite.

PRSA officials plan to announce the results of the votes and the new definition of public relations in late-January.

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