Oreo Celebrates 100th Year with a Social Media Twist

Photo by Robyn Lee via sweets.seriouseats.com

Have you heard? The best-selling cookie of all time is celebrating its 100th birthday. Of course, I realized this fact after buying my weekly batch of Oreo’s at my neighborhood Kroger. The package features the celebratory phrase “Happy Birthday” across the front side. According to PR Daily, Kraft’s social media team started thinking about Oreo’s centennial birthday following its 95th year.

Kraft Foods wanted to brand Oreo’s 100th year with a new twist. The birthday-themed campaign would encourage fans to “celebrate the spirit of childhood.”

“It really is about bringing people together in a fun and celebratory way,” said Basil Maglaris, associate director of corporate affairs at Kraft Foods. “There’s a unique playfulness that people have with the cookie itself.”

Using Facebook and Twitter, Kraft initiated a campaign asking adults to get involved in reliving their childhood. As you can imagine, it wasn’t hard for fans to post their own technique of consuming an Oreo.

On the brand’s anniversary, March 6, Oreo posted a video asking fans to send in personal videos, pictures, and stories capturing childlike moments, with the goal of collecting 1 million by the end of the year.

You can visit the online gallery of special moments. In only a month, the number of collected moments has topped 390,000.

Oreo has even more “social” activities up its sleeves. Read more about it at PR Daily.

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