Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Deals: Consumer Trends in Online Shopping

Consumer Online Shopping with Mobile Device: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Smartphone ShoppingWhile less than 20 percent of people say they shop on Black Friday, for the second year some retailers will start ‘Black Friday’ sales on Thanksgiving night. Not to be outdone, Cyber Monday is expected to once again be the largest online shopping day of the year, according to ComScore. Overall, retailers with ecommerce expect more than half of their holiday sales to come from online and mobile – and Forrester estimates a 15 percent online sales increase over last year’s holiday shopping season.

More than ever, consumers will integrate variety of devices into their holiday shopping – so much so that Google is calling this the first “nonline” shopping season, as more shoppers do not see a divide between online and offline shopping.  As displayed in the results below, Google found “shoppers turn to different platforms at different stages in the buying cycle”:

  • 51 percent research online and visit store to purchase
  • 44 percent research online and buy products online
  • 32 percent research online, visit store to view product, then return
  • 17 percent visit a store first, and then purchase online (a.k.a. “showrooming”)

Yes, consumers are using computers at home to search for deals, but more are also using smartphones and tablets to locate stores, look up coupons, read reviews and complete purchases. One of the most common practices of mobile users is comparing prices.

To help with holiday shopping, Google launched enhanced Google Maps for Android mobile devices, which include floor plans of stores and maps of malls with route suggestions on how to navigate from one store to another. Enhancing the online shopping experience, Google has integrated Social Reviews, as well as Shortlists, Promotions and a 360-degree view of many toys.

Many retailers are doing what they can to keep up with changing consumer trends. Companies should not only be improving their overall online strategies and offerings, but also enhancing mobile sites and mobile efforts, especially during the holiday season. Crafty loyalty programs, mobile apps, mobile-friendly coupons and even offers on deal-of-the-day websites can help consumers on the go. To combat “showrooming” (visiting the store, then purchasing online), some retailers have implemented online price-matching programs, which can be critical in keeping a sale.

In short, retailers need to be prepared for “nonline” shopping and offer consumers a maximized shopping experience across multiple touchpoints.

All of us at DVL wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and stress-free holiday shopping!

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Online Brand Measurement

word_cloudHere’s an interesting survey conducted by eMarketer. They asked 37 high level marketing executives a series of questions regarding their opinion about where we are today in measuring brands through online activities. While the results definitely show an increase in measurement over the past 5 years, there still appears to be a strong sentiment that we could be doing a lot better.

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What are you watching?

watching eyes

A recent study revealed that the average person spends almost 8 1/2 hours a day looking at some type of screen.  Surprisingly, according to this survey, television is the most watched screen still outdistancing computers by almost 2 hours per day.  The Nielsen Company paid for the $3.5 million study which was conducted by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design.  350 subjects (age 18-65) were studied for 952 days.

Formats included in the “screen” breakdown included television, dvr/tivo, dvd players, console games, web, email, instant messaging, software, computer video, mobile talk/text, mobile web/games, mobile video, environmental video, in-cinema movies and GPS navigation.

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